Saturday, 14 April 2018

Salute 2018 - All the pictures (part 2...)

And more photos...

Mierce Miniatures Darklands demo

Modiphius Entertainment Fallout Wasteland Warfare demo

ArcWorlde - Troubles in the North

Scarab Pals 1918 Zero Hour - The Big Push

Seagull Day: The First Battle of Britain 1938 (alternative Battle of Britain)

Warlord Games: Bolt Action - Battle of the Bulge & Blood Red Skies - Sink the Hornet

Battle of Kawanakajima 1561

The Biscotti War (1860)

Simple Miniatures Games: Infinity & Maulifax demo games

Hornchurch Wargames Club: 2:15 to Hornchurch Wild West game

Napoleonic: Battle of Asspern-Essling 1809

Wargames Illustrated: Druid skirmish game

more to come...

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