Saturday, 14 April 2018

Salute 2018 - All the pictures (part 1...)

After a brief rest and a cold beer, I've organised my many photos of the tables at Salute - and a few other bits and pieces.  Sadly my memory fails on some of these and I've lumped into the 'Miscellaneous' section...  Apologies if these are your games, I just failed to get the names of them all .  So, in no particular order...

TGCM Creation - a French company with lovely anthropomorphic miniatures (think Kung-Fu Panda style) and a huge ship

Swashbuckling Pirates in the Caribbean (~1660): Blood and Plunder

Pirates attacking the Swiss Family Robinson

The ever popular Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game

Offensive Miniatures display

Maidstone Wargames Society: Storming the Zeebruge (1918)

Operation Taifun: The Battle for Leros (1943)

4Ground Star Wars Legion (pre-production terrain)

Dark Sphere Necromunda 'dark' game

South London Warlords: In God's Name - Crusaders vs Seljuk Turks (Sword & Spear)

Glory! From the halls of Montezuma: Union forces attempt to take Charleston by land and sea during the ACW (amazing table !!)

Part 2 to follow...

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