Sunday, 23 April 2017

I survived Salute 17

What a show - majorly busy at the start (arrived around 10:30) - a LOT easier after lunch...  Great time though - lots to see and buy, but limited myself massively to my £33 pre-order with Zinge, a Warlord Sherman M4 (£16) from PE2 Collectibles and a 'not' Oddball / Donald Sutherland figure (£4) from Studio Miniatures - Guess what I'll be doing with the Sherman... I missed out on a lot of freebies at various stands, although did snag an Element Games pen and sweet (quickly devoured)

Goody bag and purchases...

(not shown are a free dice from the Maelstrom Edge folk and three 15mm free minis from Ground Zero Games)

Zinge pre-orders...

Show summary...

Parking at Salute = £20 (flat fee)
Latte and pastry to start the day = £4
Queue to get in at 10:30 = rammed
Warlords = rammed
Wayland = rammed
Troll Trader = rammed
Forge World = rammed
Hasslefree = rammed
Main concourse at luchtime = ridiculously rammed
Variety of traders = excellent
Variety & quality of displays and games (demos and participation) = good, but could do better
My feet at the end of he day = worn out
Photos taken = 100+, mostly of the various games tables.  See below...

So here we go - lots of pictures, take into account that i'm no expert with photography and have a pretty basic digital camera in my (sometimes shaky) hands.  In no particular order;

Snaking queue to get in at 10:30 am - the joy...

And inside at the far end at about 11am...

Anvil - Afterlife game being played inside their rather cool Land Rover Defender...

Beautiful Oshiro table

Star Wars X-Wing game

Obligatory appearance from the 501st - love these guys and want to join :)

Discworld Witch Racing - Participation game

Animal Farm participation game

Crawley Wargames Club - Italian Renaisssance game (not on floorplans as a last minute replacement)

'A not so funny thing happened on the Way to the Forum'

Battle of Cambria - 1917

Avengers vs X-Men

Battlegroup Tobruk - 20mm 1941 desert battles

HALO - Ground Command


Mierce - Darklands


Battle of Dresden


Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave (I think)

Short Bill Coppers Treasure Quest - Pirates...

Congo - Wargames Foundry

Wild West Exodus (I think)

Falklands war



The Walking Dead - All Out War

Battle of Raphia

Pedion Modular Battlefields (Kickstarter)

'Cretaceous Camp' (or Jurassic Park...)

Freebooters Fate

Black Scorpion Games Tombstone Kickstarter figures

Fort Mosquito 1654

Inverlochy 1645

Lefthand down a bit (or sink HMS Eagle) - 28mm



Dark Sphere - Rogue One X-Wing battle

Konflikt '47

Command & Colours Napoleonic

Battle of Prague 1757

Mad Maximillian

Devil's Run - Route 666

Achtung! Cthulhu

Airfix Battle

Panzerfauste (I think...bit blurry...)


Sword Beach 1944

In Her Majesty's Name, Werewolves vs Vampires

Renedra plastic castle

WW2 - 15mm

WW2 - 28mm

Selection of painting competition entries

Warhammer 40k mega game

Real Time Wargames - Campaigns & Battles in 15th Century Italy

And that's it for another year...  Already looking forwards to Salute 2018...

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  1. great stuff.
    nice to see pics of such as the brilliant frostgrave board, which seems to have been missed by other bloggers' reports I've checked out.